I’ll be the first to say that Channel 93.3 certainly knows how to put on a great show from Kegg&Eggs to this past Friday’s show at the Mission Ballroom celebrating Colorado’s newfound state holiday 303-Day with none other than Colorado’s local stars 3OH!3! From the very first act to the final act this show was such a positive experience for everyone in the crowd it’s hard to put it into words. So please enjoy the photo overload below as we dig into what the night entailed. 

To begin the night, there was no better way to embrace the 303 spirit than by having Native/Local talent open up the evening. Wildermiss is a collective group of three friends, two of whom have found a love relationship throughout their journey, that has embraced what it means to be one with yourself as they create unique and original music. Lead singer Emma Cole appears to have mastered her vocals with untouchable pitches ranging from low to high while being carried into different songs with great Alternative Indie sounds from her bandmates Caleb Thornless on the Drums and Josh Hester on the Guitar. 

For the second act of the night, we were in for quite the surprise as the stage was rushed with two Pennsylvania rappers named Joey Valence and Brae alongside their Dj. Coming out with playful energy they were both all over the stage as they brought classic Hip-Hop back to life the night with their own style of flows and beats that are straight from the ’80s-’90s. With only two years in the making, these fellas have already caught the attention of an entire fan base that appears to resonate with both the style and sound that comes with them. Some of the songs that were played on their set were “Crank It Up”, “Double Jump”, and “Drop!!”. Before ending their set Brae mentioned that it was Joey’s birthday and before we knew it, the entire venue began to sing him a happy birthday. A super sweet ending to their set, if you haven’t heard of either Wilderness or Joey Valence & Brae, make sure to look them both up ASAP!

Co-headline the event were long-time friends of 3OH!3, a pop-rock band from Tempe, Arizona – The Maine. Well known for their live performance that has led them, to win the year-end award for Best Live Band. The band came out to the infamous “Sweet Caroline” song by the one and only Neil Diamond that led into their set as they jokingly aimed to play more songs than 3OH!3. They even took a few minutes to play some 10-second song covers. Their full set list went as followed – “Sticky”, “Am I Pretty”, “Love You a Little”, “Bad Behavior”, “Slip The Nose”, “Everything I Ask For”, “Numb Without You”, and ended it all with “Black Butterflies”. Embracing the energy of the crowd and even invited a fan on stage to help finish the set-out. We had the chance to catch up with the fan afterward named Austin Terrill and said that it was a dream come true. 

After a few short words from Channel 93.3 host Nerf and Smitty, the time had come… For 3Oh!3 to take over the show and end the night with a party for 303-Day. Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte came out with their live band completely decked out in bright Royal Blue jumpsuits and white kicks and immediately still the show away as the crowd went wild. Throughout their set, they forced mainly on their newer tracks and engaged with the audience but made sure to sneak in some classics that were for everyone to sing and jump around to as Sean held down his fair share of the vocals while Nathaniel bounced back and forth from his vocal sets to playing some keys with the band. Their full set list went as followed – “Rocky Mountain High“, “PunkB*tch”, “Hear Me Now”, “Richman”, “Touching On My”, “Electroshock”, “Starstrukk”, “Double Vision”, “Colorado Sunrise”, “Lonely Machines”, “Claustrophobia”, “7-11”, “My Dick”, “My First Kiss”, “NeatFreak47”, “Streets of Gold”, “Still Around”, “I’m, Not Your Boyfriend Baby”, and “Chokechain”. Just as we thought it was all over, we were greeted with an encore where they invited lead singer from The Maine Josh O’Callaghan to perform a “Teenage Dirtbag” cover from Wheatus before ending the night out with their all-time classic “Don’t Trust Me”. Please enjoy the photos below that will hopefully help paint a better picture of what this amazing show had to offer. 

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