11/19/2022 Tyrone Wells at Soiled Dove Underground, with Ellie Schmidly


From Spokane, WA, Tyrone Wells returned to the Soiled Dove Underground in Denver with a final, one-off, SOLD-OUT show for his Somebody To You Tour. Wells performed songs from his newest release from September 2022, which included the title track Somebody to You, Who We Are, Grow, and Still Water, the show-ender. Wells was supported on stage by Chip Johnson on guitar and Kit Karlson on keys and bass.

Wells also played his recognizable hits, at least by the backup-singer audience, such as Running Around in My Dreams, Sink or Swim, For Who I Am, Happy as the Sun, Carolina Blues, All I’m Thinking Of, Fighter, See Breeze, Every Night, And the Birds Sing (Doo-doo-doo), Days I Will Remember (See Instagram), and More. Wells also told family stories, which added some extra laughs and some that tugged at the old heart strings, and he also added in some yodeling during the encore. By the end of the uplifting show, listeners were ready to walk across hot coals.

Visit TyroneWells.com for Wells’ Christmas music and for more information.

Ellie Schmidly, from Springfield, MO, and now out of Nashville, TN, started the show with her sweet, lofty sounds. With songs such as Where to Begin, A Place, Air Jordan (or A Song That Couldn’t Be Named Air Jordan Due To Licensing Concerns), and Enough, Schmidly caught the unwavering attention of the listeners with her smooth voice and her melodic guitar playing. She also mixed in stories and songs of Any-small Town, USA, tales of covid time with her husband and watching The Dance, as well as adding a tune from Missouri native Sheryl Crow, If It Makes You Happy. Schmidly was grateful for the attentive listeners and for being on tour with Wells.

Visit EllieSchmidly.com for more information.