8/29/2022 Dashboard Confessional w/ Andrew McMahon @ Fillmore Auditorium Ft. The Juliana Theory


Looking forward to kicking the week off right, concert-goers got ready for a Monday night show at the Fillmore Auditorium on August 29th and set off to see some classic American Rock. 

The “Hello Gone Days” tour featuring Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness & Dashboard Confessional performed alongside The Juliana Theory as they began the final stretch of their tour. Overall the tour was broken up into three different phases while they traveled across the states. Each set had a different opening act, July 31st- August 14th they had Armor For Sleep, while on August 16th-August 27th was Cartel before they wrap things up with The Juliana Theory. With only six shows remaining after the Denver show, they’ve mastered each set, and is fair to say they put on a great show. 


Opening act The Juliana Theory provided a breath of fresh air for fans that remembered them from their hits in the early 2000s. Sadly they disbanded in 2006 to focus on their personal lives but still joined by their love for the music they ended up coming together three separate times throughout the years to host reunions before them reconnecting the band in late 2020. Active band mates consist of Brett Detar with vocals, Joshua Fiedler on lead guitar, Hard Palmar on Bass, Eric Angelo on guitar, and Ryan Seaman on the drums. 


From what we heard during the show, apparently both Andrew McMahon and Dashboard Confessional alternate from show to show in regards to who headlines. Doing so allows them to help market one another from city to city as they tag team on their nationwide tour. 

For this show, Andrew McMahon ended up being the co-headliner. Nonetheless, the show that was performed was one for the books. The amount of energy McMahon and the Wilderness Band was headliner material, to say the least. From piano solos to crowd surfing in party-size blow-ups, they sure do know how to keep making a crowd feel alive!




The setlist list goes as followed – Bruised, High Dive, I Woke Up in a Car, The Mixed Tape, Holiday From Real, Watch the Sky, Island Radio, Swim, Hurricane, Cecilia, and the Satellite, Punk Rock Princess, Konstantine, Fire Escape, Stars, Dark Blue, & Synesthesia. 

Following an act like McMahons is no easy task but Chris Carrabba still the night away as he took the stage to begin the set with a solo acoustic song “The Brilliant Dance” before bringing out the band. After some minor welcoming words of gratitude, Carrabba introduced the remaining band mates Abigail Kelly on vocals, Dane Poppin on guitar, Scott Schoenbeck on bass, Armon Jay on vocals/guitar, and Chris Kamrada on the drums. Over the next hour and a half, they dived into a range of their mainstream tracks along with breaking down into their emotional side for a bit with songs like “Don’t Wait & Just Like Heaven”.


Dashboard Confessional setlist is as follows – The Brilliant Dance, The Good Flight, The Sharp Hint of New Tears, Don’t Wait, Turpentine Chaser, We Fight, Saint and Sailors, Again I Go Unnoticed, Remember to Breathe, Stolen, The Best Deceptions, The Place You Have Come to Fear the Most, Screaming Infidelities, Just Like Heaven, Vindicated, & Hands Down. 


By today’s date, they’re down to their final show of the tour, ending in Phoenix, AZ. Follow the links below to stay up-to-date with these bands and their upcoming new music/tours. 

Photos Credit belongs to: Jason Simmons

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness – https://andrewmcmahon.com/pages/tour

Dashboard Confessional – https://store.dashboardconfessional.com

The Juliana Theory – https://thejulianatheory.com


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