6/17/2022 Jesse McCartney @ The Ogden Theatre w/ Jamie Miller & Casey Baer


From the young crowd to the older crowd, everyone in the venue was piqued with curiosity, not knowing what to expect from the night’s performance. Jesse McCartney’s headlining “The New Stage Tour” came through Denver, CO, visiting the well-known Ogden Theatre. The tour consists of three bands that spin off each other’s sounds perfectly, creating quite a fun experience.


Opening act, pop star Casey Baer was accompanied by her Guitarist Gray Trainer and Drummer Shep Martin. The young and energetic trio originating from Southern California came with energy that sparked the life of the crowd for the remainder of the night. Focusing on their new EP release “Not That Girl”, they played hit’s Never Have I Ever, Take It Personal along with a variety of songs from their previous projects. 



The following act was a UK pop and soul singer by the name of Jamie Miller. The 24-year-old helped spike his career by appearing on The Voice UK back in 2017. Following The Voice, he signed a deal with Atlantic Records and began touring with Jesse McCartney shortly after while working on his debut album.

Joining Miller on stage was Keyboardist and Gutsiest Heather Rivas. The two played as soft tone blue lighting covered the stage for their entire set. Doing so specifically to set a tone, that allowed the two to connect with the crowd on an emotional level. Being a concert lover and a fan of discovering new bands, this was a perfect way to connect with the crowd and introduce themselves to the new and growing Denver fan base.



With the venue packed front to the back of screaming fans, the time had come for the main act of the night pop star Jesse McCartney. Recovering from a three-year break due to the craziness of Covid, McCartney came out with an absolute bang!



Dressed from head to toe in what appeared to be a glossy brown silk suit, the 35-year-old Jesse McCartney made quite the statement with both his appearance and performance. From his energetic personality on stage to the screaming fans crying out his name, one could say he’s aiming to be the next king of pop, following in the footsteps of Elvis Presley. 

The final act consisted of Jesse McCartney (of course) on Lead Vocals, Guitarist Kevin Eknes and Drummer David Haddon. The three started by working through some fan favorites such as Leavin’, Yours, and his 2006 original, Just So You Know.


Slowing things down a bit McCartney pulled a piano out and shared the biggest song he wrote (with the help of One Republic’s lead singer Ryan Tedder) that he never recorded due to his record label at the time hating it, Bleeding Love. The song was eventually picked up by Leona Lewis and became the classic that we all know today. 

Once the chants slowed down, she surprised one lucky fan in the crowd named Kristal by dedicating the song he wrote for his engagement to his now-wife Katie Peterson, Party of Two. Speeding things right back up McCartney disappeared for a quick second and popped out with a wardrobe change into a full, blue-jean suit, playing the all-time classic Beautiful Soul.


Before ending the show,  took a moment to thank the entire crowd, returning the same love given by the fans for the amazing life that he feels blessed to live saying, until next time my friends. Be sure to follow along with the band as they only have two shows left both in their home state California. One at the Fillmore in San Francisco before closing out the tour at The Wiltern in Los Angeles. 


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