Folk Visits Globeville


The Heartstring Hunters were joined in an evening of folk music and storytelling by Boulder local Dallas Thornton, Watching For Foxes from Michigan and Folk Family Revival of Texas. Check out the slideshows below!

By Veronica Lee

Dallas Thornton, indie-rock singer/songwriter Boulderite, offers a different take on that over saturated moniker. With his unique approach of percussive guitar tapping along with dynamic use of the fret board in combination with lyrical storytelling with lines like “If you ain’t got love, you ain’t got shit”, he has a lot to play and say. Opening the night with artists of an indie folk persuasion, Thornton brings something else to the table. Imagine if John Wayne’s soundtrack of a hopeful and confident love story was sung by Jason Mraz, you’d be in the arena of Dallas Thornton.



Currently on The Pines and Pavement tour, Watching for Foxes brought Globe Hall a massive impression of midwest pride. The cinematic folk band from Michigan entranced the audience with a multi instrumental experience of orchestral rock. Telling stories of heartache, lost lovers, and inner demon struggle. Emotive and compelling, Watching For Foxes brought the audience two steps closer to the edge of the stage and were swept into their orbital atmosphere.

Joining Watching For Foxes on The Pines and Pavement tour is Folk Family Revival. Deriving their sound from American Rock and Roll meets Texas Folk, the fresh psychadelic blend into plugged in Americana acts as a base influence. These guys offer an interesting sound and musicality, minus the feeling like one has been fully transported to the 70’s. Making a big mark in the Texas market, Folk Family Revival definitely left an impression on a new fan base here in Denver!


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