Album (EP) Review: Songs From the Sofa, Meghan Clarisse


Meghan Clarisse has delivered a new, 5-song EP, Songs From the Sofa. Featured in this release from February 2023, are emotionally driven songs written or co-written by Meghan. The title comes from her pedal steel player, Joe Oeser, who says, “All the songs are so sad or so angry that people are going to need therapy after listening to them.”

Genre:  Americana, Folk, Country, Blues

Sounds like:  Miranda Lambert, Patty Griffin, Lainey Wilson, Kacey Musgraves

Meghan lives up to her moniker of a folksy singer-songwriter with country roots and cowboy boots. She shares her emotions through her music, and it seems like she’s had a lot to work through.

Listen to her songs, feel the lyrics, and read her thoughts on each track below. Maybe you’ll find something out about yourself.

Track 1: Monster

Music and Lyrics by Meghan Clarisse

What Meghan says: I wrote this song about being with my ex-boyfriend and how terrible he thought I was. He didn’t treat me very well and this song felt so powerful to write. This is one of my favorite songs to play live. It’s pretty rockin’ with the full band and it feels empowering to play and sing.

Track 2: Daddy Didn’t Care Much

Music and Lyrics by Meghan Clarisse and Dan Kamis

What Meghan says: I wrote this song a long time ago and played it for my friend Dan Kamis from Strings and a Box. He said it was really good but wanted to re-write the second verse and then we wrote the bridge together. It’s a song about growing up and not getting a lot of love and then carrying that forward into relationships thinking you aren’t deserving of much.

Track 3: Lovesick Blues

Music and lyrics by Meghan Clarisse

What Meghan says: I wrote this song about missing my ex when I was at a songwriters conference. It was a toxic relationship and I later learned via my therapist that this wasn’t a love song, it’s a song about co-dependency (most love songs are). My relationship and my song turned out to be not what I thought. This is another really fun one to play live with the full band!

Track 4: Go Back To Your Momma

Music and lyrics: Meghan Clarisse and Stephen Jourdan

What Meghan says: This is one of my favorite songs. I wrote this song about my ex. Music gives us a chance to talk about feelings in a way we normally wouldn’t and an opportunity to say things out loud that we might not actually say in real life. The idea of “Go Back To Your Momma” came to me one day. I wrote the song and tried a new chord progression with it. I had a lot of trouble with the timing so I took it to my lead guitar player, Stephen Jourdan and he helped me work out the timing and rhythm. We had to remove a bunch of words but I think the message is still there and more succinct now. We love playing this song at shows!

Track 5: Don’t Wanna Let You Go

Music and lyrics: Meghan Clarisse

What Meghan says: This is the most meaningful song on the album. I wrote this song in the shutdown of the pandemic (Spring 2020). It was a really low point in my life. I was engaged and I knew my relationship was completely falling apart despite my best efforts. My 14-year-old lab, Chester, was ill and I had to face the fact that I didn’t have much time left with him. This song was therapeutic for me to write. It helped me turn something really painful into something beautiful. I write most songs on guitar, but I wrote this as a piano ballad. I play it like that at acoustic shows but with the whole band, it’s a much fuller sound.

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