6/30/2022 Slenderbodies @ The Gothic Theatre w/ Mokita


What better way to prep for a holiday weekend than an evening out on the town for a Thursday night show. South on Broadway lies the Gothic Theatre, where locals watched California-based duo Slenderbodies slay the night way while accompanied by Mokita.


Mokita (John-Luke Carter) also performed a duo set, playing alongside guitarist Brandon Day. Focusing on vocals and keys Mokita played melodies from high to low, while Brandon played a mixture of strings alternating between his electric and acoustic guitars, the two engaging the crowd with a softer approach to music that felt all that more empowering.


After a short intermission, the venue was packed from front to back and left to right and ready for the main act of the night Slenderbodies. This dynamic Dream-Pop duo meet one another during their college days and have been together ever since creating and performing music. Starting by playing up and down their home state California before working their way into touring all across the states. 


The two lead in nice and smooth with lead vocals Max Vehuni followed up by guitarist Benji Cormack. Both sharing their love for music, they pull inspiration from our lives in hopes to have that shine through and connect with each soul in the crowd. Not too long after the two began playing they came across their now-known drummer Blake Dahlinger that holds the rhythm, allowing the two to break down and be a bit more creative with their instruments. They even brought Mokita out for a bit to play alongside them, highlighting some vocals and soft background strings.



Playing songs from their new album “Simple Shapes” the crowd stomped and clapped along and appeared to know just about every single one. Check out their new music video to their single matching the album “Simple Shapes” below. 

After doing a bit of research on the band after the show, I learned exactly just how supportive they are, not only with each other but with the community around them as well. Contemplating our role as artists they embrace a new mission to engage with friends, family, loved ones, and the community on a deeper level in hopes to spread awareness.


Causes They Support” 

“ over the past year or so we’ve been contemplating our role as artists on how to use our platform for change. we came to the realization that we must acknowledge our music as an escape for some, while also presenting the option to engage with what we stand for those who are interested. in addition to engaging with us on social media, you can engage with us here as we will be continually updating this page with ways to support the causes we care about. this will serve as a place that houses comprehensive lists of organizations to donate to or join, numbers to call, or grassroots at home actions you can take. these causes are ones we are personally involved in and we believe in, but above all else PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND FACT CHECK EVERYTHING, INCLUDING US. the most important thing you can do for anything you stand for is to research it and form your own opinions. this page is the beginning, we’ll be working on having a monthly blog that we update with new developments in realms of concern for us (civil justice, environmental justice, education/art)”

Check out their website for further information as well as to stay tuned for upcoming shows, events, and news along with http://slenderbodi.es/causes.


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