10/26/19 ~ Montgomery Gentry, with Triple Nickel Band


Triple Nickel Band opened up for Eddie Montgomery & Band Saturday night, they are a local favorite and everyone had a good time!

Montgomery Gentry had success on the country charts in the 2000s, scoring No. 1 hits with “Roll With Me,” ”Back When I Knew It All,” ”Lucky Man,” ”Something to Be Proud Of” and “If You Ever Stop Loving Me.” It was the first time Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry brought his band back to the Grizzly Rose since the passing of Troy Gentry in 2017. Their unique sound and fan favorites brought back a lot of memories and the crowd had a great time singing back every song. Eddie and Troy had been working on new music and a few of the new songs were included in the set list.

Each band member took lead on the songs that Troy had sang in the past, Eddie did a nice tribute to Troy, having the crowd shine their cell phone lights and thanked the military and first responders. It’s safe to say the music will go on and although not physically there, you knew he was still there!

And what a great crowd!


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