Tyrone Wells at Soiled Dove Underground


Tyrone Wells is a well of depth and emotion as he brought songs of melancholy, hope and joy to The Soiled Dove Underground on Wednesday May 16. The Denver stop was part of his several month long national tour, and as he is winding down during its last leg, he didn’t appear weary or tired. Instead, refreshed and full of life, he brought a beautiful set of love songs and stories of family and endless endurance of his faith in humanity.

A crowd of kids, parents and grandparents, along with love struck couples and music loving solos, packed the house at the Underground in Lowry. With nothing but standing room only remaining of the sold-out performance, Wells played a well rounded set of songs with his full band in addition to his well known acoustic numbers. Through his timeless lyrical storytelling, which is reminiscent of classic folk and country songs, his upbeat and danceable music bridges genres of indie rock and smooth pop with an easy lean towards gospel rock with sprinkles of R&B.

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