FAKE NEWS: Midland Misses Own Concert at World Famous Grizzly Rose


Due to the high number of Meet & Greet participants, Midland missed their own sold-out concert in Denver on Wednesday night.

See the M & G Slideshow here. 

Two-time Gammy nominated Midland was booked at the world famous Grizzly Rose as part of the star-studded, National Western Stock Show line up, and their fans showed up en masse. Midland had a 90-minute set on tap, as evidenced by their set list of songs that never got played.


Midland road manager, Robert, worked with Grizzly Rose staff, warning that the guys in the band usually like to talk and interact a while with their adoring admirers. Staff worked hard to move devotees through the line quickly, but to no avail. Midland simply had too many fans. Mark Wystrach, Jess Carson and Cameron Duddy chewed on beef jerky to keep up their strength for the extended experience.


Luckily for concertgoers, the opening act, Triple Nickel Band out of Colorado, had plenty of songs in their repertoire to play their brand of Top 40 Country and Country Originals for 5 straight hours.  Ashley Gill of the Triple Nickel Band explained that they played every song they knew and some of them twice. It was a wild, Wednesday night party and no one even noticed. Also joining Gill in the band was Lee Gladney, Ed Schifferns, and Ed “Jordy” Jordan.


Check out more pics from the night here. 


Good luck to Midland as they continue their tour down the road, as they will probably start all future Meet & Greet events around noon.

For more information on Midland, check their website, midlandofficial.com.