Punk Trumps Trump


By Veronica Lee

On the evening of the inauguration, local punk bands united in a night of protest through community and music. Punk Against Trump was held at Summit Music Hall in downtown Denver and held a space for expression of collective frustration. Headbanging, middle finger rocking, mosh pitting audience members were in full support of an anti-Trump agenda sporting t-shirts claiming “Not My President” and “Nasty Woman.” Chanting mantras of Fight Like a Girl (performed by Cheap Perfume) and Bernie is My Master (sang by  The proceeds of the sol- out event was a successful $3000 and was distributed to organizations Planned Parenthood, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, The Gill Foundation, Food Not Bombs and the ACLU.

Bands performed the Punk Against Trump Event include The Libtards, The New Narrative, Screwtape, Cheap Perfume, Allout Helter and Three Grams. Check out our article earlier this month featuring interview with Ross Swirling of Allout Helter here and see the slideshow of more photos below!