Hairball; We Salute You!


By Veronica Lee

The Paramount Theater, with an old Hollywood art deco glamour and a history that dates back to 1930, is located deep in the heart of Downtown Denver. Over the decades this venue, which began as a host of silent movies, has seen performances as diverse as symphonies, ballets and comedians. For fans lining the street of Glenarm towards the sparkling early Christmas lights along 16th Street Mall, The Paramount had a bit of different experience to offer last night in the form of a Hairball.

Originally from Minneapolis, Hairball arrives in Denver in early November, as part of a cross-country tour. It’s no wonder why there are multiple mentions of this city being one of their favorites to visit as a single scan of the audience makes it very apparent they are warmly welcomed. Spiked mullet wigs, cut off, sleeveless t-shirts and bandanna-adorned heads makes one question is it 2016 or 1976? The energy in the crowd is buzzing and clamoring with excitement, and once the lights dim the chants and cheers begin. Covering artists and songs that anyone would know without question, the audience sings along and waves their horn shaped hands in sync to the music. Lead singers take turns, emulating not only the aesthetic but the mannerism and stage presence of each band they cover. KISS, Van Halen, Queen, AC/DC and Twister Sister are just some of the artists these musicians recreate to near perfection.

This is beyond a tribute band, this is a full #throwback event to a time when Rock and Roll included layers of spandex, star painted faces and hair that even cousin It would be jealous of. Time warping, electrifying vocals from the rotating front-men Bobby Jensen, Joe Dandy and Steve create the atmosphere of witnessing living legends. Shredding solos, stage acrobatics and heavy harmonies from guitarist Happy and bassist Freaky, are the sources of endless energy and music while commanding the stage in the non-stop arena rock fest. Blake, the drummer hidden behind the massive set, is absolutely unforgettable and finally makes an appearance stage front to Frisbee a drumhead towards a lucky audience member during final bows. Countless thrown guitar picks, purchased merchandise and cell phone captured photos ensures each attendant will have a memento of this rocking good night. In a final song, the band expresses gratitude with a chant “We Salute You” however the general consensus was “Hairball, WE Salute YOU.”


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