2/11/2023 Fresh Squeezed Happiness Tour Stops at Bluebird Theater; The 502s with Oliver Hazard


The 502s brought their Folk Florida sunshine to Denver on Saturday night. It was their first time in Denver, but they SOLD OUT the Bluebird Theater, and their fervent fans helped sing along to every song. With a marvelous mix of Roots, Rock, and Bluegrass sounds, The 502s hit the stage running with Hey Julia, What To Do, According to Me, Like My Father, and I Kept Rolling. One of their admirers even named her cat after their song, Magdalene, which they played to a roaring crowd. Other popular songs, Just a Little While and Olivia, were played later in the energetic set.

The 502s had Matthew Tonner on keys and electric guitar, Ed Isola on lead vocals, banjo, and acoustic guitar, Sean Froehlich on drums and percussion, Joe Capati on saxophone, trumpet, and harmony vocals, Jake Isola on acoustic guitar, and Nicholas Dallas on bass and harmony vocals. Check The502s.com for more information.

Indie-folk trio Oliver Hazard from Waterville, OH, started the night with amazing harmonies and introduced themselves to the packed house. Oliver Hazard had Michael Belazis on vocals and guitar, Griffin McCulloch on vocals and keys, and Devin East on vocals and guitar. The band kept the chill vibes going with Caesar Knows, Illinois, Henry and Pearl, The Flood, Grenadine, and their newest song Ballerina. Check out the video below.

Oliver Hazard’s other tunes included Fly Right, Oh Mama Won’t You Write Me, Two x Four, Northern Lights, and Dandelion. Where was Louise?

Check olihazard.com for more information.

Hopefully, Denver will have these bands back soon. The night was a superb bowl of fresh-squeezed happiness.

Read more about Oliver Hazard on DEH here.


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