9/9/22 Judah & The Lion @ The Fillmore Auditorium w/ Smallpools


Judah and the Lion came through Denver this past Friday night with quite the memorable set as they took the stage at the Fillmore Auditorium.  

Opening up the night was a Los Angeles-based Indie Rocker group by the name of Smallpools. A younger quartet group that formed together in 2013, starring Sean Scanlon as lead vocals, Mike Cameraman on guitar, Joe Intile on the Bass, and Beau Kuther on the drums. Smallpools was the perfect opener to hold down some tunes and get the night started as the fans packed into the building. They kept things slowly rocking as they worked through their set playing some of their hits such as “Million Bucks” and one that had the best reaction from the crowd titled “Dreaming”. 

With only two acts on the bill for the night, it was just about time for Judah and the Lion to take the stage. After listening to this group for a number of years, fans across the venue, myself included were beyond excited to hear what this band has to offer during their live show after being a number of years from last performing here in Denver. 

The band has set out to celebrate their 2022 “Happy Again” tour with Denver, being just the second stop of the long and exciting list throughout the next two months that comes to a wrap in Minneapolis, MN. 

Finding their roots in Nashville, TN, this group has natural musical talent that has helped them accomplish so many achievements since their first debut. Throughout their entire set, there was a level of respect amongst the crowd as Judah and the Lion held passionate energy from start to finish. They had quite the stage set up with both the drummer and the keys elevated up in the back with a staircase in the middle allowing Judah to free roam throughout the show, while the remainder of the band held down the front of the stage. 

Looking to please the crowd they played some of their bigger tracks like “Take it All Back” but also focused on their newest album “Revival”, in hopes to tie things back into the name of the tour “Happy Again”. Mixing things up a bit they decide to play a few covers, and to be honest they killed each of them. We caught a total of three starting with “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson, “Higher” by Creed, and funny enough “Snap Yo Finger” by Lil Jon.


The overall performance from both bands made this an incredible show to be able to experience. With their tour just kicking off, we would highly advise you to follow the links and look into their tour schedule posted below and see if there are any future shows that you’ll be able to catch.

The setlist to the best of our knowledge is as followed…

Judah and The Lion – Take a Walk, Quarter-Life Crisis, Over My Head, Scream!, Happy Life, Dance With Ya, Kickin’ da Leaves, Since U Been Gone – Kelly Clarkson cover, Higher – Credd cover, Snap Yo Fingers – Lil Jon cover, Why Did You Run?, Blue Eyes, Beautiful Anyway, Suit and Jacket, Be here Now, Spirit, Alright, Going to Mars, Take It All Back, Revival, and Thing Are Looking Up.

Smallpools – Stumblin’ Home, Passenger Side, Street Fight, Life of the Party, Monther, Creep – Radiohead cover, Simulation, Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Tears for Fears cover, Killer Whales, Million Bucks, and Dreaming

Band Links

Judah and The Lion –  www.judahandthelion.com/

Smallpools – www.smallpoolsmusic.com/


Photo Credit Belongs to: Jason Simmons



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