Hysteria at Syntax Saturday Night


What do you get when you blend music, art, poety and tarot readings amidst crowds of conversation in dark red corners of the local eatery, all in the name of woman power? You get Hysteria.

By Veronica Lee

Syntax Physic Opera saw a bit of Hysteria Saturday night, with an evening centered around a strong representation of the females that inhabit and embody this town. Feminine power and prowess, dynamic and diverse music, fine artistry and craftery, with a bit of clairvoyance for flavor made this evening a daring success. Hysteria, which even featured a signature cocktail for the evening by the same name, was the collective efforts of the women featured as a way of offering a festival like atmosphere. Often times female acts are undermined and dismissed for their male counterparts. In the intimate quarters of Syntax, the sense of FEM was strong on stage as well as in the audience to support. Cheers to Hysteria, with a blend of some of Denver’s finest, here’s to hoping more nights like this are in the Tarot cards.


Musicians featured; Lillian, Brianna Staut, Jen Korte, Bevina Luna and Bluebook.
At hand poetry offerings by Kelsey Browe
Art by Sarah Michaels
Tarot readings by Maria Kohler and Lady Speech