FAKE NEWS:Chicago-based Brian Allison Missing After Show in Denver, Updated


After a killer show at The Walnut Room in Denver, Colorado, on Saturday night, the singer-songwriter Brian Allison went missing. Witnesses report Allison consuming vast amounts of water when he was performing on stage. Fans explained, “He kept asking for somebody, ANY body to bring him another water.” Onlookers also said Allison was “working up a sweat like Elvis in the olden days.” No one thought much of it when Allison couldn’t be located during the performances of fellow Chicagoan Kevin Mileski and dBStudio.CO, but after missing the payout, people started to worry. Dave Tamkin was seen running laps around the venue searching for Allison after his set.

Update: Brian Allison found! (In the bathroom.)

Official statement from Brian Allison, “When ya gotta go, you gotta go. For as long as one needs to go.”

Check out the video from 4/15/17 from The Walnut Room.